Still with her

It has been about two months and my dad and his new girlfriend are still together. They go everywhere together. (I found out she’s a runner and runs like 5Ks  and all of that and he goes to every single run of hers.) She is making me mad! Anyway, they go to her races, dinner, and even Texas! Her Instagram is blowing up of her and my dad. (And there is a lot of new posts of her and her friends at the club.) It sounds exactly what my ex-stepmom did.

That girl is even my dad’s phone wallpaper! And before he changed it, it WAS me & my sister. But anyway, did you know that we are not allowed to meet her until my mom does first? Well, my dad moved into his apartment. And guess where the girlfriend lives? Yep. Right across from us. How in the world are we NOT supposed to see or meet her if she is right across from us? I have no idea. So when I was at my moms, we were at my cousins birthday and my dad sent me a photo of the cutest Yorkie puppy EVER. It had a bow on its head, it was a baby, and it’s cute little pink tongue was out. Do you want to know what he texted me with the photo?

This is (his girlfriend’s MAYBE new puppy :).

I started to cry, because why would he send that pic to me if we are not allowed to see his girlfriend? AND he knows I’m obsessed with dogs. So that was rude. The dog’s name is Ace. 😦

So when my dad picked us up, he talked nonstop how wonderful and great his girlfriend is. He told me that she really wants to meet us and take us out to get our nails together and “bond.” BUT my dad said it would have to be a while. (Because my mom needs to meet her first!) I guess that’s okay….





New girlfriend :(

Remember how I told you my Dad is getting a divorce with my stepmom?  He moved out and has been living with his brother, and now he has found a NEW GIRL! They are everywhere together. Last week they went to Texas, the movies, and shopping at the Galleria mall. I found that that she likes to PARTY ALOT! We found her on Instagram & looked though her account, which was not private. Lots of pictures of her dressed up at the bar. JUST LIKE MY STEPMOM. Ohhhh great. My Dad has her saved on his phone as his wallpaper, he showed us pictures of her & some of them had them both in it. He went to Dallas Texas again with her. UGH.

If she and my Dad gets married, that’ll be a disaster! She’s pretty, yes, but she parties at bars. Why couldn’t my Dad find a girl who doesn’t like to party? Well, he doesn’t need to find a girl. Last week, he didn’t want to see us, instead he was hanging out with her. It was so unfair. He said on his payday he would come get us & go somewhere, we called him & he had plans, with the new girl. Also I noticed that he hasn’t texted me in several weeks. I guess he has been “busy”. But yesterday, he made that up a bit by taking me & my sister to Freddy’s Frozen Custard. I’m sad to see him already move on & excited about a new girlfriend, we feel jealous & left out.

My Dad got his apartment on May 5th!  That is really exciting. I am happy to be moving back there. The apartment complex has a tennis court, volleyball court, basketball court, a awesome pool, and a park. It’s actually not that bad. On Friday, our dad picked us up to do our room! We unpacked loads of boxes. I swear, we had about 100 pieces of clothing, now we probable have about 20! We donated a whole bunch of stuff to Goodwill and my cousin.


The Call

Me and My sister had testing today. We had to do Math and Reading. When we finished, our Mom said that she called our Dad. (I’ll tell you the story from yesterday first.) Okay- my sister loses a lot of … Continue reading


It was just yesterday that our Dad told us that they are getting a divorce. He said we’re moving out in 2 months. That means we’re not seeing our dog, Winston anymore. I don’t know if I should be happy or sad. Getting rid of my stepmom is a good thing though. But I’m gonna miss one stepbrother of mine. He’s the older one who loves me. The other one is awful and I won’t miss him one bit. (That sounds kinda mean, but it’s true.)

Soon my Dad has to go back into these apartments called ‘The Greens.”It has a pool, tennis court, basketball court, and volleyball court. It’s sad. Now when they get a divorce and when he’s in the apartments he’s not gonna come home to a happy puppy excited to see him. He’s gonna come home alone and sad and no one to talk to. Except for me and my sister, and we see him every two weeks.

Anyway, this weekend our stepmom took her boys to LEGOLAND without us. I was so mad I wanted to punch her right in face. She was bragging about it, and sending a like a hundred pictures to my Dad.  Like always, she didn’t say anything to us. Also, she bought the older son, who’s birthday is tomorrow, his own big cookie cake! And we weren’t allowed to get any of it. How ridiculous.

My dad and her got into a huge fight. She was screaming at him, throwing things, and saying her favorite words, “Fuc* and bit**. It was terrible!! Somehow when they were fighting my sister took my phone and RECORDED their fight. The video said something about a “GUN” and “Hurt.”Now I’m scared for my dad- now when me and my sister look in their room, we need to look everywhere. Who knows, she might have a gun in the room!!!

Also, when I went in their room to get our puppy I saw on the walls that every single picture and memory of my dad’s and stepmom wedding in St. Croix, was off the wall and on a giant heap on the floor! Even the picture of them kissing above their door was gone and off! For a couple years every time they get into a fight, my dad sleeps in MY bed or the couch that isn’t comfortable. My dad’s clothes are always on my bedroom floor too. That’s how I know they’re in an argument.

We have to move out of the house we have now, and stepmom gets to keep the house! And we’ve been in it for a couple months!! I swear guys I’ll make lots of posts when they get a divorce. And how the weekends are living in the apartments.

Thank you guys. Stay tuned for more of my stepmom posts!

Drunk Again.

Guess who got drunk again this weekend. Yep! She took ALL of my Dad’s money and went to the bar with her friends and got shots. She drank multiples of Redbull, Margaritas, Beer, and Wine. When she came home, (it was about midnight) (I was asleep) she threw up in the sink. I know this because I was looking in my Dad’s phone (I was being nosy!) and I found that one of my stepmom friends that they went to the bar together texted my dad this:

Girl: Hey is she alright???

My dad: Hey!! Yeah, she’s alright. She just threw up in the sink.

Girl: Poor ____!

So. The next morning do you want to know what time she woke up? 3 o’ clock in the afternoon. When she came out (finally) she was telling my Dad how at the bar she “lost count after 8 shots.” I was like WOAH. She started telling him about just bar stuff I didn’t want to know about. So I ran to my room and took my phone and started taking notes about the things she said.

My dad saves his money for me and my sister when we go visit him, to do fun things. We were supposed to go hiking, but stepmom took his money. We were supposed to go see a movie, but stepmom took his money. We were supposed to go get ice cream, but stepmom took his money. I felt so bad. If I gave him some of my money I bet you that my stepmom would take it and spend it. He told us he was broke when we asked if we could go somewhere. She had said we are starting over & going to try to get along. She has been speaking to me & not my sister. She still ignores her.

The pink speaker. Oh my gosh. Do you know the pink speaker that our stepmom took from us? (our dad bought it from Craigslist for us, we had it for awhile until Stepmom decided she wanted it & could just take it away.) She finally realized that it’s gone. She was looking for it everywhere. She was also in a crappy mood. I heard her say real loud: “I wonder where it is.” Our Dad and stepmom are suspicious of me and my sister. Because my Dad does know that my sister really wanted it back. Also- later that evening I was playing on my XBOX until my dad came in and was looking for it in my closet.

Later, our Dad came in and asked us if we’ve seen it. I HATED lying to my Dad, but we said no. So he left the room. I just hate it when I have to lie to him. He’s my Dad, and I don’t want to do that. But the speaker is OURS and I don’t want our stepmom to have it again.



Wow. Just wow. The past couple months, our Stepmom has been ignoring us like we weren’t even there. She would stay late at work whenever she could, when she would finally come home she would go to her room & slam her door hard. Also giving us funny looks & huffing noises. But just yesterday, it was like we just met! She was the nicest person ever. She called me “baby” and complicated me on my long hair.

But before she got home from work, me, my sister had another talk with our Dad  about “respecting” him and her. I thought to my self, (What?! She doesn’t even SPEAK to us and we still aren’t respecting her.” “That’s ridiculous.” So we had to talk about respecting, being nice, no back-talking, and etc. Also she wants us to respond to her with “yes ma’am”. We were supposed to go to our Dad’s brothers house, cause our cousin was there and hang out with them the whole day yesterday but our Dad told him that he changed his mind, and then he told us that he would rather make us a happy family again and get this problem fixed. So I sadly agreed. But I never expected our stepmom being so nice.

But when she got home, she was smiling the whole time and laughing. It has been FOREVER since she ever came home happy. So when she got here, we put our coats and shoes on (because it is really cold here in Oklahoma) and we leave. Our Stepmom had to give these event tickets away to her friend, so we go to a gas station and she gives her the tickets. Then we go eat at Steak “n”Shake for dinner.

I had a juicy hamburger with fries, and a chocolate shake. Everyone was happy. She usually glares at us, rolls her eyes, and ignores us, but she actually played tic-tac- toe with my sister! She would never do that. I smiled. When it was time to go to get dropped off at our moms, our stepmom said bye, and she loves us!!

The talk that we had with our dad, he also said that she wants this to change to. I want to too. So I hope she stays like this, cause our Dad said this is literally our LAST chance or, if this problem doesn’t fix soon, they will get a divorce. And I don’t want that. Cause I love my stepbrothers. And they love me too. ❤️




This weekend

I got new glasses! I got them last week. I had trouble reading the board at Church, so I told my Mom and she made me an appointment. Next thing I knew, I have glasses.

I went to my Dad’s house this weekend for the first time with my glasses, so that was strange. He said I get my bad vision from my mom. Yeah. right. He just hates my Mom.

When our Dad picked us up, we went shopping, then we went to his house. Our Stepmom was “taking a nap” when we got home. She is always sleeping in her room.


Hope you guys had a Merry Christmas! Me and my sister were not with our Dad this Christmas, because every year it rotates. Dad- Thanksgiving Day. Mom- Christmas Day. So my sister and I went to my Dad’s house to open our presents from him and our stepmom.

Yesterday was terrible. Ice is all over the roads, and my Dad HATES driving on ice. I called him crying, and telling him that I miss him and we wish you would pick us up. Hoping he would change his mind about not wanting to come get us. So, he picked us up in 20 minutes! I am so happy that we got to see our Dad. We haven’t seen him for a couple weeks!

So. When he picked us up from our house, I looked in the car and guess who wasn’t there? Yep. You guessed it. Our Stepmom. I thought it was rude for her to not watch her step-daughters open their gifts to us. At least she wasn’t there to roll her eyes at us like she always does. We had Christmas with my Dad, it lasted about 1 hour, & it was only us & my Dad, & his parents. Kind of lonely.

From my Dad and my Stepmom, I got white High Top Converse, and a electric scooter!!  I am so excited to ride my scooter! The bad thing is that I have to LEAVE my scooter at my Dad’s house. With our stepmom who breaks and ruins our things. I am not kidding- I brought a shirt with lace a couple months ago to our Dad’s house because I was going to church and the next thing I know the lace was torn bad. My sister had a Victorias secret tank top she wore, my stepmom hated it & made comments about it. One weekend we woke up & it was COVERED in a splatter of some kind of blue ink. Bleach on black pants, Paint splatters on black converse that I dripped a little bit, but had a giant perfect circle that looked added. My cell phone! Has cracks! That I don’t know where they came from. They were just there. Also my Mom got me UGG boots, both my dad & her were saying they are fake & was inspecting the back tag on the heel saying that the letters were wrong & the G was too small? What the heck! So my stepmom when it was snowing, pulled her car over my boots in the garage & all the snow & brown slush was dripping on my boots. They were brown, & SOAKING wet. My Mom wasn’t happy about any of these.



Yay! Christmas is getting closer and closer. Christmas music is playing, the smell of pine trees, spending time with family and friends, baking meals, and giving gifts are my favorite things ever. I am so excited! We already have our big tree up, and loaded with gold and red ornaments.

The bad thing is that our Stepmom is with us. She is never nice to us on Christmas. Last year me and my sister was with our Dad for Christmas, our Stepmom was rude to us. Our stepbrothers weren’t with us, they were with their dad, and our Stepmom was bawling on Christmas morning. She watched us open our gifts for like 2 minutes, and she said this: “Merry Christmas girls,” very rude and very sarcastically. Then, like always, went to her room and slammed the door. My Dad went up to talk to her, and she yelled “GET THE F*** OUT OF MY ROOM!” And finally, she locked the door.

That was not what I wanted to happen that morning.

So, yeah. Another bad thing about Christmas is since I am the oldest kid of all of my cousins, and stepbrothers, and my sister, I have to go LAST opening our presents EVERY SINGLE YEAR. It’s not fair!! I have to wait about 2 hours or so for all the kids to open their gifts. I hate that when it happens. I hope that doesn’t happen this year!

Our 11 year old cousin, she is always, always, always getting presents on OUR BIRTHDAYS! What the heck?! One time, on my birthday, our cousin got a pink electric scooter that went all by  itself! It was not fair. Plus, those scooters are like $200. And that’s not even our budget! So I pretty much HATE having Christmas with our Dad…

At the same house, we have a very inappropriate Grandpa. He and his wife, (which is my Dad’s mom and stepdad.) smoke in the house (WITH CHILDREN IN THE SAME HOUSEHOLD!) iT’S TERRIBLE. He gets drunk a lot, and it really scares me and my sister. On his birthday, he got mad at everyone because nobody got him Whiskey. It was ridiculous. He lifts up girls shirts when he hugs them, and one time he pulled our Stepmom into his lap while drunk, and she was not happy. We IMMEDIATELY left after that. Good. I hate going there anyway.

When we are with our Dad for the weekend, on every Saturday we have lunch over there. He is mostly drunk when we go over there, so I am in the back room with my sister and cousins and we play (with the door closed!) When we are eating lunch, he comes up behind you and rubs your back, and believe me- it is very, very uncomfortable. So I move my back so he can’t do that.

Okay! Back to Christmas! With my Mom, oh my gosh guys- having Christmas at my Great Grandmas house is amazing! There is so much yummy food there, and cousins, Aunts, Uncles, nieces, nephews, are there. Everyone is happy, laughing, and cheering. And yes, my family is a HUGE football fan. Every time we go there, the game is on! It is so happy there. No one is cussing, screaming, drunk, and smoking. It is a very good environment. I love it when every one is in the living room, by the tree, and opening gifts. I am sad when we have to leave, but we will always be there again next year!



Bad memories….

It was almost my sister’s birthday, and she wanted it to be special. Her answer was that her, our dad, and me ONLY us would go to a restaurant, and jut spend time together. The only reason why she wanted it to be just us, is because that our Stepmom is always ruining our special events somewhere. She is not a good mood, says “whatever” and she makes ME get a baby kid meal, while I am a teenager!  I am way to old for the kid menu. It’s not fair! My Dad said we can’t go out to eat without everyone else because “we are a family.” What? Stepmom takes her boys out alone all the time!

She is also angry at my Dad for no reason, and she cusses underneath her breath. Also we have a cousin who is the same age as my sister, she gets presents on OUR birthday. Every year, so she doesn’t feel left out. How messed up is that?

Last Christmas at my Dad’s was a complete disaster!! Our Stepmom boys’ were at their other dads’ houses, while only me and my sister were the only kids there for Christmas. She was bawling her eyes out in her bed, (because she missed her boys + and they weren’t with her.) and my Dad had to MAKE her get out of bed to watch us open our gifts from them. So she came out of bed, angry, and slammed her self on the couch. When we weren’t even done she said rudely- “Merry Christmas girls.” Then she literally went to her bedroom door and SLAMMED it. Hard. And then she was crying again. So she left us crying silently in the living room by the Christmas tree. That was a terrible Christmas.

Till I get older, things will probably get worse with my Stepmom. She is just gonna talk about my boyfriends, dating, marriages, and kids…. UGHHHHHHHH! How embarrassing. When I have a husband, and I am at my dad’s house for Christmas, Stepmother will be there, embarrassing me! And saying rude, insulting things. I just hope that doesn’t happen.

I just want to be a kid who doesn’t have to deal with a terrible Stepmom. I just want her to be nice for once, and actually want to hang out with us. Why do I have to live like this?

love and hugs,